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  1. Specials

    1. Painsaw

      It's like a chainsaw....but with pain.

      Awarded Users:
      1. Dr Painsaw
    2. Duck

      Just incase you didn't know, WaddleJrJr's name and avatar contain subliminal messages which allude to him being a duck

      Awarded Users:
      1. WaddleJrJr
    3. Official medal of Marriage

      Joe x Chainsaw <3

      Awarded Users:
      1. Joe
  2. Personality

    1. Cake

      If you don't have it, you missed it.

  3. Achievements

    1. Recruiter

      Users who get this medal have been able to get 1 or more new members to join our community of IZ and help us grow

    2. J-Lister

      This user has contributed money to the site by buying any item(s) from J-list above $10. This ad ONLY applies if you buy it from J List AFTER clicking one of their Insane Zero advertisements.

      Awarded Users:
      1. cirno
    3. VIP

      This user is one of our best. This medal is awarded to anyone who has greatly contributed to IZ in any way.

      Awarded Users:
      1. Megapower
    4. AIDS

      This user is the AIDS of Insane Zero and should be avoided.

      Awarded Users:
      1. Ted the Wooper
    5. Punch bowl

      The punch bowl had something wrong with it but hey, you get a medal for drinking it.

      Awarded Users:
      1. Joe
  4. Category 1

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    1. Pizza

      Saucy and cheesy, the taste of greasy.