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Sticky Chainsaw's IZ Webcomic guide

Article in 'Usermade Webcomics' contributed by Dr Cainsaw, Oct 17, 2019.

(Still under construction)
Chainsaw's Insane Zero Webcomic Guide
Welcome to the world of IZ's webcomic section! A new feature not found on any regular forum.
Here, users can post their own multi page webcomics and articles for the viewing of others. IZ will provide free hosting, and your own discussion page in any forum section.

In this thread, I'll give you the basics of creating your own article in IZ's library.

Starting Off:
(Still under construction)

Basic Rules
(Still under construction)

Title Page Format
All articles on IZ must provide a uniform title page format that includes a summary, picture, and title. An example shall be given on the next page.

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