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Sticky Chainsaw's IZ Webcomic guide

Article in 'Usermade Webcomics' contributed by Dr Cainsaw, Feb 25, 2020.

This is an example:
Romance, Action, Humor​
Adventures of Herpderp is the story of Herpderp, a Scottish cat who has immigrated​
to the USA in the year 1927. Herpderp was a young man looking for work and family, his parents had spent all the money they could to let the man become apart of the American dream. Herpderp goes through a story of wonder and excitement, until one day everything goes wrong. Work was going down the toilet, and even worse the oncoming of World War 2. Eventually, Herpderp was forced into the terrible war. He came back home with no legs.​
At the moment when the story starts, Herpderp is now trying to make a living with his new horrible disability.​
Table of Contents:
End of an era: Page 3-20
Lovebirds: Page 21-25
Things die quick, and so do you: Page 26-40
The fishiest business can be the purrfect money: Page 41-50
Family to protect: Page 51-70
Death of a forgotten hero: Page 71-100

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