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Growing Up

Discussion in 'Introductions and Farewells' started by Big Boy, Jan 24, 2014.

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  1. Big Boy

    Big Boy Guest

    Hello everybody on Insane Zero. I'm new here, so I'll tell you a little bit about my life! Ahh, the memories of 1976 are already returning to me. Back then I was living in the small town of Lathrop, Missouri. I was only in middle school at the time, but my best friend Randy and I loved the hit movie, "Convoy". In fact, the movie is the reason we became friends! Seeing that movie was the first time we ever hung out. His father was a truck driver, so he was glad that there was finally a movie that didn't negatively portray truck drivers. We always wanted to drive trucks just like Daryl, Randy's father. Unfortunately, Daryl passed away on January 27th, 1988. I was a freshman in college, attending University of Nebraska in Lincoln, when Randy called me. He was crying over the phone, telling me that father had lost control of his semi-truck and crashed on an icy highway just north of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and was in critical condition. I was devastated by this news. I went straight to the airport, and caught the next flight into Green Bay, the nearest big airport. Daryl was at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Appleton, Wisconsin, about a 45 minute drive from Green Bay's airport. When I got to the hospital, I said my final goodbye to Daryl, and told him that even though he was Randy's father, he was like a father to me. Late that night, he move to a better place. I was sad, but I couldn't even imagine how Randy was feeling. We both moved on, and after that, I grew closer to my real father after finding his number. It took hours of searching through phone company records, but thanks to my job at Qwest, I had access to a very primitive version of the Internet, and was able to locate him. Just in case you were wondering, my father's name is Jerry. I managed to find out that he was an accountant living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I called him up, and we decided to meet up. On May 3rd, 1991, I saw my father for the first time in about 25 years! It was an amazing experience.
    Anyway, I hope I can get to know you all in the near future.

    Kind regards,
    Big Boy
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  2. JenTy

    JenTy Former Staff

    Yes. Yes we will know each other. Yes indeed. Hello.
  3. WaddleJrJr

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  4. Booger

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    Are you, like, gay or something, dude?
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    Big boy! i missed you :3
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    Hello there?
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