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How to Use Advanced Evo Brain Boost?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Ruby JDick, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Ruby JDick

    Ruby JDick New Member

    You readies in the back at the brain moreover he knew that the auditory cortex in the visual cortex hook on to verdict is area and forgings area has a direct pathway called the kid particulars to brokers area and look broken areas right near that part of the border strip that is concerned with vocalization with the actual motor apparatus the speech any put this information together in an extraordinarily person theory of language which although it was formulated you know and 1870 still explained eighty-five percent to the clinical phenomena one sees now in an emergency room in cases a I've I have faith Asia he said it works like this if you here spoken language or you read a text that information is encoded narrowly and passed on to burn a kids area where the understanding a plan which occur the information is then passed on through the of if elected secularist to brokers area where the grammar for language is located and that hopes up to the area that is involved the vocalization a plaque which is connected to that from this extraordinary model which holes to this day he was not only to give us an idea of how language is generated but he made a prediction about the fact that would someday discover Advanced Evo Brain Boost a new kind have a pager which does not involve direct damage to either burning cut area brokers here can any view guess what kind of a lesion what kind of disruption could give you a language deficit without interfering with verdict is a profiteer yes hmm arms in the secular that connects the two areas brilliant you have a future as neurologist without any question a lesion that interrupts the pathway between Bernie czarina brokers area a would be is now called in modern language 8 conduction aphasia VA you understand language in express it.
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  2. Syphist

    Syphist Former Staff

    Wow, no HTML, what looks like few spelling errors (tl;dr, nor do I care), and what appears to be proper grammar. Bravo spam bot, your creator did a good job with you.
  3. Giroom

    Giroom Member

    'You readies in the back'
    'a I've I have faith Asia he said it works like this'
    'you read a text that information is encoded narrowly and passed on to burn a kids area'
    'this extraordinary model which holes to this day'
    'you understand language in express it.'

    What? How does someone even write this stuff? Even Google translate is a lot more coherent than this. If you look at it closely it's actually one massive sentence without any commas.
    If I was trying to scam someone to buy my product and I had the English skills worse than that of an average three year old armed with spellcheck, I would at least find someone who's at least half fluent to translate.
    Maybe it's just a side effect of the drug they're trying to peddle. I dunno.
  4. WaddleJrJr

    WaddleJrJr Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah seriously, every single spam-bot I've seen is like this. What the hell is going on when all these things are being made anyways? Do they want them to be shitty on purpose?
  5. Dictator Vastare.

    Dictator Vastare. Master of memes

    Its like, Oh hey a new me-....nvm spam bot ._.
  6. Giroom

    Giroom Member

    I think you're giving the other spambots too little credit. Their message might've been really stupid but at least you understood what it was. They went that extra millimetre just for you you know. You should feel proud of them.
    With this one... its inherent shittiness just seems too complex to be designed specifically. I think it was the work of a horrible accident.
  7. Dictator Vastare.

    Dictator Vastare. Master of memes

    I want to know who made it.

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