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New improvements soon

Discussion in 'painsaw land' started by Dr Painsaw, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Dr Painsaw

    Dr Painsaw Master Surgeon and Part Time Admin Staff Member

    one includes a complete redo of IZ dark, so stay tuned
    Began development on new Fusion Dark
    Removed the ability to post images in the shoutbox
    Simplified all the nodes to make the site more accessable
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  2. WaddleJrJr

    WaddleJrJr Administrator Staff Member

    Ehhhh, I'm putting back images in the shoutbox. That's pretty much the entire purpose of that thing, and with the limited amount I don't tihnk it should be hurting people's browsers that bad. Although I did remove the bbcode toolbar from it, since that was just broken and ugly looking. Also I added about the node simplification to the list.
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