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Tandem Write

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Sneak4000, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Sneak4000

    Sneak4000 Member

    Okay so here's what's going down: As you may or may not know, One Thousand Blank Cards crashed and burned. So, Rt. said do this. We all write a single paragraph and make one huge story. I'll start:

    It all started out in the summer of 2222. The world was overrun by robots and it was all a huge mess. There were only several great engineers who survived in this world by getting the robots to follow their orders. The robots started a religion based after them and called it "The Church of QAJKFSERNGKRGRTNHJGIKEVMJNRHHVGSR." The religion focused around four main Engineers.
  2. JenTy

    JenTy Former Staff

    One of the engineers was Adolf Hitler. He thought the religion's name was too confusing, so he just called it Nazism. Everyone was happy. 'Cept them Jews; their never happy.
  3. Sneak4000

    Sneak4000 Member

    The second's name was Armoire Jew. She was a Jew. She did not approve of the name "Nazism" and was never happy with what Adolf Hitler did.
  4. JenTy

    JenTy Former Staff

    Adolf finally got upset with Armoire and shot her. Then all the robots grew emotions (and dicks) and were happy.
  5. Keygentlemen

    Keygentlemen Furfaggot Filth

    The jews were greatly angered and were about to revolt when Gaydolf Titler unleashed what he considered his ultimate creation: Slenderman. He successfully scared the jews into submission, until one day, a young man stepped up to challenge Slenderman.
  6. Joe

    Joe Fagministrator

    The young man, by the name of Jimmy Russler, rose up to the challenge and set out on a quest to defeat Slenderman. After slaughtering all of the jews on the planet, Slenderman had begun to feast on all humans, and Jimmy was humanity's last hope. Jimmy climbed the 6-mile-tall Mt. Naggytit to get to Slenderman's lair.
    "I've been expecting you, Jimmy." Slenderman said as Jimmy entered the lair.
    "H-How do you know my name??" Jimmy replied.
    "Because, Jimmy, I am your father."
    "NNNOOOOOOOO!!!" Jimmy yelled as Slenderman chopped off Jimmy's hand with his 8 foot genitalia. However, just as Slenderman was about to rape Jimmy, Gaydolf Titler himself entered the room, shotgun in hand.
    "What... what are you doing, master?" Slenderman yelled across the room.
    "You've gone too far Slenderman, I'm afraid that your time here is over." Gaydolf lunged towards Slenderman, with his fingers loosely wrapped around the trigger.
    "Any last words, Slenderman?" Gaydolf asked, as he tightened his grip on the shotgun.
    "Yes," Slenderman said, slowly walking towards Gaydolf, "I just wanted to say that it has been an honor serving you, master."
    At this comment, a single tear ran down Gaydolf's cheek.
    "Oh Slenderman, I can't do it. I just can't kill you. You're like a son to me." Gaydolf dropped his shotgun, got on his knees, and cried. Suddenly, Slenderman ran forward and snatched the shotgun off of the ground. He pointed it to Gaydolf's head.
    "Slenderman, no please!" Gaydolf shrieked. Just as Slenderman was about to shoot, Jimmy round house kicked Slenderman. The force was so powerful, that it was enough to create a small blackhole on the molecular scale, which sucked in Slenderman.
    "Nooooooooo...!" Slenderman yelled as he was sucked into an alternate universe.
    "What now?" Jimmy asked, as Gaydolf looked onto the sunset.
    "Now, we ride." Gaydolf grabbed Jimmy, leaped off of the face of the mountain and onto a helicopter waiting for him, as they flew back home.
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  7. JenTy

    JenTy Former Staff

    And then the helicopter ran out of fuel over an ocean and they died.

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