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the mystery of ahaahhahahhahahaha

Discussion in 'Creative' started by Dr Painsaw, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Dr Painsaw

    Dr Painsaw Master Surgeon and Part Time Admin Staff Member

    I think one artist people need to know more about is ahaahhahahhahahaha, who was a deviantart user in 2011 that made a series of drawings titled "flik"

    whats so amazing is that these are all just simple ms paint pictures of flik from a bug's life doing various expressions, but they give off an eerie vibe of insanity, almost as if the smile on flik's face is actually one of pain and agony.

    and what's even more disturbing is that after he made all the pictures of flik, ahaahhahahhahahaha just stopped posting, and was never seen again. What happened to him after the fateful day of July 9, 2011? I theorize that he might have been suicidal, that this was his suicide note, his final expression to the world before he ended it all. the police probably found him on his chair with his brains scattered around the walls , and this picture of flik waving bye at the monitor

    overall id say that this is just a masterpiece of modern art and emotional expression, and his deviantart webpage deserves at least some chance to be seen by the world at a museum.
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