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Upcoming Game Releases

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ryshokka, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Ryshokka

    Ryshokka Tilde~

    Are there any games you guys are excited about? I'm looking forward to SSB4 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.
    Mega's Next-Gen Consoles thread inspired me to make this thread.
  2. Dr Painsaw

    Dr Painsaw Master Surgeon and Part Time Admin Staff Member

    Some team is finally translating Persona 2:Eternal Punishment Portable
    all I need is a good 10 years or so and I'll finally be able to play and understand it.

    Oh and Hotline Miami 2
  3. Tavshed Fjols

    Tavshed Fjols Official Biggest Guy

    Borderlands. The next Sid Meieieieeiieres civilization. Other than those I have no real idea what else is coming out.
  4. Syphist

    Syphist Former Staff

    I still play games like KotOR and I recently got Touhou EoSD. I'm kinda behind the times when it comes to games.
  5. WaddleJrJr

    WaddleJrJr Administrator Staff Member

    There are probably some indie games coming that I want but have forgotten about and will remember upon their release.

    Other than that mostly just SSB, probably some other things that I'm forgetting about.
  6. Dictator Vastare.

    Dictator Vastare. Master of memes

    Half life 3, Fallout 3, dark souls 3, skyrim 3, fallhalf 3, halfout 3, darklife 3, halfsouls 3, fallsouls 3, borderlife 3, star wars battlefront 3, painsaw 3, Insane zero the game, And Insanesouls 3.
  7. Megapower

    Megapower Mod

    call of duty advanced warfare

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